The Creative Element

We create stories that tell a story…

Terrence Horne – Founder  | Writer | “Idea Guy”

I am inspired by things around me as well as the esoteric truths that sometimes are hidden in plain view. I’m thinking something and creating something everyday, like breathing and walking.

I am always asking questions and doing my best creatively to ‘answer’ some of those questions in the stories I tell  and will continue to tell in an entertaining manner  at Akme Comics.

Wyn Etienne- VP  | Lead Writer | Art Director 

Wyn is the lead writer for Akme Comics as well as art director and script writer. In addition to writing for Akme, Wyn is a Reiki Instructor. He has a knack for attention to detail and as he describes it, “paint’s a picture with story-telling…”. Wyn works closely with Terrence to not only create comics that will be in demand and stories that are not the usual or typical, but provides the structure of the story and insights into the best way to present to Akme readers and followers.