HERALES and the 7 Trials

We’re proud to bring you Anne’s story, a bright-minded girl from Illinois venturing off to Madrid, Spain to make something of herself. Anne is driven, determined and has a sense of obligation to herself and to her peers that she can change the world. While making new friends, Anne discovers her strength and knack for engineering comes from a lineage linking to a divine hero.

Follow Anne’s adventures as she embarks on an epic quest to discover her true identity, and how she can use her newfound knowledge and power to help shape the world. Join us on this epic journey and see what Anne’s story has in store for you!


Bloody Mary’s Emanation

AKME Comics is a publishing company that focuses on creating original, thrilling stories with a unique take on the supernatural. Our main comic series follows three girls who find themselves in a world they are unfamiliar with, only to be recruited by spellbinders and friends who don’t think they are ordinary vamperic entities. With the help of their newfound allies, they set out to stop an enemy who wants to cloak the world in darkness…